For students and academics

Since early 2018 I’ve proofread theses, dissertations and shorter essays from students at UK universities and abroad, as well as articles for authors planning to submit to journals. I can proofread your essay for:

  • spelling and grammar
  • sentence structure
  • layout and consistency of citations and references.

I can also bring to your attention other aspects for you to correct, such as the positioning of figures and tables, missing references (or works listed in your reference list which aren’t cited in the text) and sentences which are confusing and need rewording.

Remember, though: your work is your own, so I won’t check the facts in your essay.

For articles, where you’re not being academically assessed to such a strict degree, I can go a little further, providing light copyediting and rewording and suggesting more in-depth changes in addition to the points listed above.


I deal with nearly all subject matters. In the past, I’ve proofread theses and dissertations about subjects ranging from cultural influences on lyrics in salsa music to stock market liquidity, and from mobile money use in the third world to receptor kinases in moss.

Recent articles have included the role of corporate social responsibility in the Brazilian banking system, and I can bring the knowledge and understanding from my communications work to texts about diversity and inclusion, environment and social governance and more.

Ultimately, though, you provide the subject expertise; I ensure it’s presented as well as possible.

(And yes, I must admit I also find it fascinating to learn about so many topics!)


My base rate is £28 per hour. I can give a rate per thousand words after I’ve seen a sample of your essay.

Get in touch through the contact form to find out more

It would be useful for me to know:

  • that your supervisor (if you’re a student) says it’s okay for you to have your work proofread (their email address would be nice);
  • the approximate wordcount of your text;
  • the subject matter;
  • when you’ll be able to send me your text, and when you’ll need to have the proofread file back (give yourself a day or two to check my amendments and comments before submitting);
  • the citation/reference system you’ve been asked to use, and whether or not you’d like me to check the reference list (references can take longer than reading text, so you could save money if you’re comfortable checking your own references);
  • details of your university department’s style guide, if possible; and
  • anything else you think might be useful information.